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The Lancashire Hotpots

Golden Crates (The Very Best Of) (w/ Live At The Lowry CD) CD Album

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Release Date: 07/07/2014

Discs: 2

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The Lancashire Hotpots are back with 'Golden Crates' a forty two track bumper 'best of' collection celebrating their first seven years of fun. Golden Crates features all your Hotpots' favourites (Chippy Tea, Shopmobility Scooter, He's Turned Emo) as well as five brand new tracks and five re-recordings of Hotpots classics.  In addition, Golden Crates also features a bonus live album with seventeen tracks recorded at the Lowry Theatre, Salford capturing the band's on stage banter, magic and mirth. Nearly two and a half hours of Hotpot hilarity!

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CD 1 - Golden Crates

1. Chippy Tea (2009 Remaster)
2. You Could Get Hit By A Bus Tomorrow (Remastered)
3. I Fear Ikea (Remastered)
4. Keys Wallet Phone (2014 Version)
5. Resignation Song
6. Hardcore Quornography (Remastered)
7. We Love The North (Remastered)
8. The Perfect Pint (Remastered)
9. Bitter Lager Cider Ale Stout (2012 Remaster)
10. It's In Foreign
11. I�'¢Â€Â™ll 'Ave One Wi Yer (Remastered)
12. Shopmobility Scooter (2014 Version)
13. CHAV (2014 Version)
14. The Day The Circus Came To Town
15. Cinema Smugglers (Remastered)
16. Sat Nav (2014 Version)
17. Mek Us A Brew (Remastered)
18. Not Fer Me Thanks
19. He's Turned Emo (2014 Version)
20. The Baking Song (Remastered)
21. The Beer Olympics (Remastered)
22. Mum�'¢Â€Â™s For Tea
23. The Girl From Bargain Booze (Remastered)
24. Perks Of The Job (Remastered)
25. Carry You Home (Remastered

CD 2 - Live At The Lowry (Live album)

1) The Wigan Church Of Pies
2) Bitter Lager Cider Ale Stout
3) I Fear Ikea
4) I'll 'Ave One Wi' Yer
5) Sat Nav
6) Cinema Smugglers
7) The Perfect Pint
8) Hip Meddow
9) Face Like Thunder
10) CHAV
11) Keys Wallet Phone
12) The Beer Olympics
13) He's Turned Emo
14) A Lancashire DJ
15) Chippy Tea
16) Cottaging
17) Shopmobility Scooter