Buy Online The Lancashire Hotpots - A Hard Days Pint/Criminal Record (Signed)

The Lancashire Hotpots

A Hard Days Pint/Criminal Record CD Album (Signed)

CD £5.00

Release Date: 09/03/2015

Discs: 1

There’s only one thing better than a Lancashire Hotpots album, and that’s TWO Lancashire Hotpots albums.  We’ve repressed two classic Hotpots albums Criminal Record and A Hard Days Pint, stuck ‘em on one CD and passed the savings onto you.  Each copy is personally signed by all five Hotpots (wowsers) and at just £5 you can’t afford to miss out on this slice of Hotpot history. Get one now.  In fact, get two.

Identity Fraud
Landlord Lock The Door
I'd Take The Cars Off 'Em
Hardcore Quarnography
Sniffling Next Doors Broadband
Cinema Smugglers
Released Without Charge
Perks Of The Job
Let'™s Get Leathered
Bitter Lager Cider Ale Stout (2012)
It'€™s the Beer Talking
The Perfect Pint
I'™ll '˜Ave One Wi'Yer (Lock In Mix)
No Lock On The Door
Designated Driver
Did You Spill My Pintja
The Barmaids Baps
The Beer Festival
The Beer Olympics (2012)
The Last Man Standing
The Girl From Bargain Booze (2012)