Now't Like The 80's Jumbo Set


This Deluxe Set includes the following.

Now't Like The 80's CD
Now't Like The 80's Signed A4 Print
Instrumental CD
Live At Manchester Academy CD
Instant Download of Egg, Sausage, Chips & Beans

Do you remember the 80's? A decade of Rubik's Cubes, shoulder pads and synthesizers.  The Lancashire Hotpots do and they're back to bring you an album that's as daft as a Sinclair C5! NOW'T Like The Eighties is chock full of hilarious Hotpots songs each with a different Eighties style twist.  Feauturing synth pop, electro funk, disco cheese and cockney knees ups this is an album that's a party from start to finish.  It includes the singles Dibnah & Lancashire's For Me. Bern...

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