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The Lancashire Hotpots

A Fistful Of Scratchcards CD Album

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Release Date: 11/05/2015

Discs: 1

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Listen up cowboys and girls, The Lancashire Hotpots are donning their stetsons to bring you 'A Fistful of Scratchcards' their first foray into the world of country and (North) western.  Expect all the usual Lancashire laughs with songs about all you can eat restaurants, blue disabled badges and far away call centres but with a unique country twang. 

If you like a rootin' tootin' hoe down, this ones for you. Yee haw! 

All orders come with the instant free track 'Cheer Up Thom Yorke'.

This set includes the following...

A Fistful Of Scratchcards Exclusive CD
Live & Leathered In Derby Exclusive Download

The Tay-barn Dance
Cheer Up Thom Yorke
Nan's Blue Disabled Badge
Thirsty Thursday
In The Cloud
I'm Every Bloke
Frozen Prison Blues
Country Courtin'
Take Off Your Tabard
The Day The Circus Came To Town (Johnny Cash Converter version)
Talking To Calcutta